Summer Dish

Published on Wednesday, 5 August, 2020

Summer Dish is a recently completed private commission. It is always exciting for us to work with people on bespoke pieces, the commission process is an enjoyable one that takes our work in interesting directions that we would not have gone by ourselves.

Collaborating with our customers provides a constant source of inspiration to us and it is so rewarding to create objects that have personal meaning intrinsically woven into them.

In this case the client wanted a mixed floral piece to include Dahlia and Fuschia flowers.

Despite the distance and the coronavirus restrictions we were easily able to communicate about colours, shapes and ideas with drawings and photographs by email. The outcome is a unique and bespoke piece made to suit our customer perfectly.


Published on Tuesday, 4 August, 2020

Landscape is one of our longest running studio ranges. We can’t remember exactly when the very first piece was made but we think it was 20 years ago when we moved from the Broadfield House glass museum and into our current studio.

Our only range that doesn’t use solid colour but chips and grains of coloured glass, they are a nod to our glassblowing heritage and the colourful and playful ‘after hours’ pieces that the old glass factory makers used to produce at the end of the glassblowing day.

We have made and sold many variations of our landscape vases and bowls over the years, including a colour way inspired by and developed for sale at Highgrove gardens. More recently one of our new landscape bottles was commissioned and presented to Sir David Attenborough.

Current pieces from this range are available to purchase direct from our studio, also from some of our stockists and galleries and from our website

A Feather Found

Isolation Portraits Exhibition, The Devon Guild of Crafts
Published on Saturday, 25 July, 2020

Our submission to the online Isolation Portraits exhibition at Devon guild of crafts is a portrait of our middle son and is inspired by our daily exercise during lockdown. The unexpected benefit of the pandemic situation was the opportunity to explore our local surroundings, giving our family the chance to spend time outdoors together in nature.

The portrait is called ‘A feather found’ and features the wild flowers and field roses that were all around us in early summer.. on one walk in particular we found a lot of bird feathers.. The feather that is held in my sons hand is symbolic of the value of basic everyday things and how they came to mean so much more to us during lockdown. As our worlds got smaller the things that we discovered on our walks became more precious and significant.

Louises work has always been inspired by nature and before the lockdown featured flowers and plants, sometimes birds and animals. Spending 100 days in lockdown with our family had the effect that we wanted to reflect our experience in our work. We saw the call out for the Devon Guild portrait exhibition and it gave us the incentive to produce this piece.

The piece is a 20cm shallow dish. As flat as we can make it in order for it to stand and be stable. The dish is hand blown by Colin and the portrait is sandcarved into the surface by hand. The making process was a labour of love, its form and subject being so different to our usual work. This final piece took several attempts to achieve by working out various compositions and technical challenges. It has been and continues to be a difficult time for everyone and as artists we have found our way through by making what we can of what we have.

AA Fine Art

Garden Sculpture Exhibition. 1st June - 31st July 2020
Published on Monday, 20 July, 2020

Spending time outdoors and in gardens this Summer, is one of the ways that we are making our way through these challenging times.

We were looking forward to taking part in some outdoor exhibitions this year, some of which have been cancelled, however four of Colin’s garden pieces are available from AA Fine Art in their Garden Sculpture exhibition.

The exhibition features the work of ten artists working in various materials including stone, bronze and clay.

Click on link to visit the exhibition  Amanda Aldous Fine Art

Jewel Garden

Published on Wednesday, 15 July, 2020

It was during lockdown and with great uncertainty that we began to plan and blow our pieces for the Jewel Garden exhibition.

During that time, back in March and April we, like many others, became more grateful than ever for our outside space, spending time close to home on our allotment, sowing seeds and raising plants.

As Spring turned to Summer the flowers came out and became the source of inspiration for Louise to create the drawings for the sand carved surfaces of our three finished pieces,  Cornflower, Cosmo and Summer bouquet.

It is a joy for us now to see our work on display in the exhibition, alongside the work of our fellow guild members, in a bricks and mortar gallery that is able to safely open to the public.

These pieces, that began as seeds of hope to us, now represent and celebrate the welcome coming of Summer after an extraordinarily challenging Spring.

Jewel Garden Exhibition

A mixed discipline exhibition of work inspired by the forms and colours of plants anf flowers.

The Guild@51

30th June - 9th August

Tues-Sat 10-2

Instagram Locostudioglass

Cornflower Bowl

Published on Sunday, 12 July, 2020

Cornflowers..We sowed the seeds of these intensely blue flowers back in March and now they are blooming as lockdown is easing a little, bringing joy to us and doing their thing for the pollinators.

We have had our allotment for 18 years and it has always been such a wonderul source of joy and inspiration and this year we we have been especially grateful for it.

Through a process of experimentation in our glass blowing studio we discovered just the right combination of two colours. We used this unique blend to achieve an intense and deep blue with variation of sapphire shades and hints of violet, closely representing the colours found within the Cornflower itself.  Each of the bowls made is blown by hand and has their own drawing of a flowing tangle of stem and bloom that is sandcarved by hand into the surface. Each of these elements drawn from observing the Cornflower plants combine to capture their essence

We have made a small group of six of these bowls and are offering them as part of the wonderful @artistsupportpledge

Cornflower bowl

Hand blown, sand carved glass.

13cm x 8cm

From Where I'm Standing

Published on Thursday, 13 June, 2019

We are always inspired by nature, most recently our focus has been to create work that reflects the diverse, and in most cases declining, habitats in our countryside. It no longer feels enough to simply admire and represent the beauty of nature, it has become our role to also highlight the need to protect it.

Our aim is to draw the viewers attention to the places between the concrete and the cultivated, the habitats that are essential for the survival of our native wildlife and to our own.

The fluidity of the glass represents well the movement of the plants and intuitively we have amplified this connection by creating intentionally undulating forms. The resulting vessels are specimens, containing the essence of a small part of a larger infrastructure seen at a particular moment, noticed, acknowledged and preserved.

Sketches and photographs from our visits provide the content for the intricate surfaces of the vessels, applied using hand cut stencil and sand carving. The title of each piece is the National Grid reference of the location and the date that it was observed.

These pieces are at the Pool House Gallery as part of the contemporary craft exhibition, From where I'm Standing, curated by Jo Swait June 16th – July 17th

Slimbridge visit 2019

Published on Thursday, 13 June, 2019

Waters Edge. Are a group of vessels made in response to the 325 acres of Wetlands that are expertly and successfully managed and conserved at Slimbridge Wetland Centre on the Severn Estuary. The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust has nine centres around the country where they undertake research and conservation.

In February this year we visited the Wetland centre and, under supervision, were given access to the wild areas and permission to collect plant samples from the waters edge and surrounding areas.


Greystones Nature Reserve

Visit May 2019
Published on Thursday, 13 June, 2019

These stone forms were created following our visit to Greystones Nature reserve, a place whose history stretches back 6,000 years. Here the Gloucestershire Wildlife trust carefully manage and preserve the land to ensure that wildlife thrives.

In particular their Hay meadows, an endangered habitat, support a stunning range of animal, plants and insects. We gained special permission to collect plant specimens around the Hay meadows and to photograph the meadows themselves.

As with many conservation environments there is a sense of nurture, of caretaking, in response we created these stone forms, shapes of the ground and passage of time, wrapped and bound by the encircling plants.

Rococo Gardens

Published on Sunday, 2 June, 2019

This week we delivered a small collection of Floral pieces to the Painswick Rococo gardens. They will be on display and for sale in their shop during the summer sculpture exhibitition, Art Unbound.

The exhibition of contemporary art has been designed to embrace the natural beauty and creative energy of the rococo period and runs until the 8th September.



Published on Tuesday, 14 May, 2019

This month we have recently completed a group of new sand carved bowls and vases inspired by the plant collections at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

The designs including Orchid and Iris, were delivered this week and are on display and for sale in their shop.



Published on Thursday, 13 June, 2019

‘..Just 100 years ago there would have been a Meadow in every Cotswold parish. Providing grazing and hay, employment, food and medicine. The meadow was part of a community’s culture and social history. Today just 3% of them remain. A loss of 7.5 million acres of wild flower grassland.. a single healthy meadow can support over 80 species of wild flowers..’

First exhibited at Rodmarton Manor September 2018, where the bowl was awarded The Richard Paice Award for Contemporary Craft. The bowl went on to be exhibited at The Lapada show, Berkeley square, where it was awarded 'Best Object in Show 2018' This piece is now in a private collection.

Bluff Cove bowls

Published on Thursday, 23 November, 2017

Research and design, February 2017 for a bespoke mini bowl for retail by a client in the Falkland Islands.

These pieces feature three swirled colours and two king penguins, diving amongst giant sea kelp.

Fresh Air sculpture exhibition

June 2017
Published on Thursday, 23 November, 2017

Back in June 2017 we installed three new sculptures as part of Fresh Air 2017. Our sixth time of showing at this wonderful sculpture show.







Bespoke Pendant Shades

Published on Sunday, 17 December, 2017

Bespoke pendant lamp trio.. To be installed above a handmade bar in a restored and renovated Cotswold Stone Barn. 

Sampling process,  in miniature for shade design colours and options.. the overlay leaf pattern, inspired by client logo, is chosen for final design.

Colin blows full size shades, using swedish overlay technique to acheive colour on the outside of the shades.

Making Shades.. in shades.

Blown shades are cooled overnight and drilled in the tops.

Each leaf element is drawn, cut and applied by hand to the shades surface, then each piece sandblasted, again by hand, to remove the excess colour and reveal the resulting pattern.

The shades are installed in a row of gradated colour, from Amber, through Sargasso to Eel.. finished with brass fittings and flex. A wonderful result, the colours and patterns of these unique pieces very successfully compliment the style and finish of the bespoke interior.


Scabious Vase

Published on Wednesday, 20 December, 2017

Vase commission to celebrate a birth. The Scabious flower was chosen by the client for its particular meaning to them. 

The vase shape is low and wide, reflecting the habit of the plant and achieving balance of pattern and form. 

Published on Wednesday, 22 March, 2017

Earlier this year Glyndebourne Opera House invited us to create a collection of exclusive pieces in response to their gardens and grounds in East Sussex.

"...Glyndebourne is a unique and inspiring place and my tour of the grounds left me with a strong impression of the gardens and the sense of connection that those who visit have with the landscape..." The resulting design is inspired by the magnificent and ancient Mulberry tree that grows in the corner of the main lawn where, over the years, many picnics have taken place beneath its branches and many jars of jam made from its fruit.

The Mulberry Tree design began as a one off blown cameo vase onto which Louise drew the original sketches and developed the pattern.

Colin then blew a collection of individual lead crystal bowls that Louise hand etched using sand carving.

We are so pleased that a limited number of these pieces are now available to purchase exclusively from Glyndebourne.


Published on Friday, 3 March, 2017

The development of new work culminates in a photography session... This collection of pieces shows our current exploration of nature inspired pattern, texture and repetition. Hand applied and sand carved to acheive layers of depth that envelop and encase the glass forms. Exhibiting at AAF Battersea March 2017

Published on Monday, 20 February, 2017

Lighting up the dark months of winter

Lighting design from across the UK, in a range of materials from concrete to glass, wood to paper and vegetable to metal

Moth to a flame

Published on Monday, 30 January, 2017

Creating samples of these bespoke Moth to a flame candle votives has been a lovely way to start the year, bringing together pattern, form and scent. They are now ready to be filled with hand poured natural soy aromatherapy candles. We are so pleased to be collaborating with the wonderfully talented Sophia Russell of Hestias Flame. Her stunning candles are formed from 100% Soy wax which is natural and sustainable. The scents are blended from pure essential oils, not synthetic perfumes, so they will be therapeutically beneficial as well as smell wonderful.


Gnarly Willow

Indoor sculpture, Metal, Glass and LED Lighting
Published on Monday, 18 February, 2013

The 'Gnarly Willow' was a recent customer commission which stands at an impressive 16 feet high and has over 50 hand blown lead crystal glass leaves attached to it. There are also Led lights discreetly hidden inside the metalwork which bring the tree to life on an overcast day.

Once the pallette and samples were approved we set about creating the 50 unique glass leaves.



The metalwork was commissioned from a fantastic metal worker 'Duncan Thurlby'



La Bistrot Pierre

Published on Friday, 8 March, 2013

We have just finished working on these rather large lightshades for a new restaurant in Plymouth, 'La Bistrot Pierre'.

After an initial design was settled upon we set about making 7 shades.

The shades were made by a team of 4 and took 2 days to make. 



Customer commission
Published on Wednesday, 15 May, 2013

This was a fantastic commission which came about from an unfortunate breakage.

We enjoy a challenge and this was no exception. We regularly repair or remake pieces of glass but this piece was exceptional.

The clear glass bowl that we had to make was 50cm in diameter and had to be thick enough for the heavily cut pattern that needed to be applied.

The 'blank' took several attempts and a team of four to manhandle the volume of glass that was required.

The blank was delivered to one of the finest glass cutters in the uk for the elaborate pattern to be applied. 

It now rests high above a dining table in a private residence in Leicestershire.

Victoria Art Gallery

New stockist of our work in Bath
Published on Wednesday, 10 April, 2013

We welcome the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath to our list of stockists.

Fig Bowl in Silver Leaf by Louise.

Le Champignon Sauvage

The Personification of Style
Published on Tuesday, 15 January, 2013

For David Everitt- Matthias, the chef and owner of Cheltenham’s only Michelin starred restaurant, Le Champignon Sauvage, unused place settings detracted from the beautifully styled interior of his restuarant. Familiar with the work of LoCo Glass, David challenged the team to design glass plate covers to sit at these unused settings.

Following detailed consultation with David, Colin set to work creating an item that would reflect the status of the restaurant. Once a design was agreed, a selection of colour-ways were created and taken to the restaurant for David and his wife, Helen, to review in-situ. With real samples to hand, rather than colour charts or glass chips, the restauranteur couple were able to lay the table up as it would be using the plate covers which ensured that the final decision was one they were completely confident in.
LoCo Glass produced 30 bespoke, handcrafted plate covers for the restaurant and continue to work with the restaurant producing replacements as needed.
David said of the experience; “I have long been an admirer of Colin’s work. The pieces he creates are both elegant and timeless; in short the personification of style.”

Filming with Cristian Barnett

Published on Wednesday, 27 February, 2013

We were very lucky to work with the talented Film Director Cristian Barnett on our new film.

After a fantastic day filming Cristian edited the footage and then comissioned songwriter Jake Wing to write the music to go with it.

The result can be viewed here;